From my study, which is located one floor above my kitchen, I can hear the faint click of the coffee machine as it advances through its reheat cycle. It reminds me that, amongst other things, my brain is fuelled by coffee.

The amount of coffee I drink depends on the climate, my mood and energy levels, and how well I’ve slept the night before. Some days I drink green tea. Other days, fresh ginger tea. But sometimes, only a strong hit of caffeine is the way to push aside any lethargy, and fuel my brain.

While coffee is a quick re-energiser, jumping on my bike and going for a ride will also blast away any brain cobwebs. Likewise, listening to an audiobook while I go for a walk in the nearby forest. Even more so, talking with loved ones, laughing until my stomach hurts, meeting with friends to explore a museum together. All fantastic ways of restoring my energy levels and creative spirit.

Sorry, Bezzera BZ10! You’re not my only love interest.


Favourite Read for May – The Maiden of Florence by Katherine Mezzacappa is a beautifully written, enticing story set in Renaissance Florence, based on the historical figure of Giulia as she discovers how to take control of her life amidst an overpowering patriarchal society.

Favourite Visit for May – The Frans Hals retrospective at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum shines a spotlight on the painterly style of this seventeenth-century artist, who depicted the amusing side of life with his subjects displaying broad smiles and faces filled with laughter.


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